Why would I follow my Cereal on FaceBook?

As someone who (tries to)  makes a living on the internet, I’m well aware of just how powerful a tool social-networking can be in both promoting your business, and communicating with your customers, but can this be taken too far?

I was eating my Wheaties the other day, and I noticed something that I’m sure has been there for a while, but I hadn’t really paid attention to until that day. On the side panel of the box were the words we see, and hear almost on a daily basis now in radio, TV, and Newspaper ads; “Follow on FaceBook”.

Why?, I’ve been eating Wheaties for years now, and I’ve never had a need to call them, email them, see pictures of them, or to even bother to  look at their website, so why would I need to get their latest status updates?

Do they really think that we’re so addicted to FB that we’ll just add whoever or whatever we can to our lists simply because they tell us to?

I bring my cereal home from the store, place it on top of my refrigerator with the other cereal boxes, and I’m happy knowing it’s not going anywhere. I don’t need to know if it just answered a question about me or if fake planted a new crop somewhere.

Don’t get me started on my shampoo…

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