Beautiful Stains

No matter what your religious views may be, beauty is beauty, art is art. The Stain Glass Collection currently on display at IMAS is simply awe inspiring.

The IMAS website describes the experience as “seeing a sight that was enjoyed over one hundred years ago”.  The Collection is on loan from the private collection of Dr. Lawrence and Esperanza Gelman, it is a compilation of stained glass windows originating from St. Paul’s Church in Albany, New York and dating back to 1914.  The Collection also features two windows produced by the famed glass company, Tiffany Studios.

With both dim lighting, and the classical choir music playing in the background, the Museum did an excellent job with setting the right mood for this exhibition. I guess the only complaint I would have is that it closes relatively early during the weekends, around 5 p.m. on Saturday and even earlier on Sundays, which might make it tough for working families with several children to attend, but this is easily remedied with some proper advanced planning.

For more information about this exhibit you can call IMAS at 956.682.1564

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