La Joya Texas: Traffic Citation Capitol of the World

Whether we drive this year’s latest model or Grandpa’s old pick up, there’s one thing all us Rio Grande Valley drivers have in common. We’ve all been stopped and cited by the good folks of the La Joya Texas PD at one point or another (some of us more than once).

Without getting into details, I had a bit of an unusual summer this year. With so many things running through my head I had completely failed to remember to renew my registration when it expired back in May. To make a long story short; I got stopped in La Joya.

This was about a month ago, and earlier this week I headed back to La Joya for my court date. I wasn’t the only one there, as expected, but I’m glad to say I was also the only one that left that day not owing hundreds in fines and penalties.

Because I renewed my plates immediately after the citation, I showed up to court on time, and because prayers were answered, I walked out there with a fine of less than fifty-dollars.

Just like Mom would always warn about the teacher with the wooden paddle on the wall, “Just don’t give her a reason to hit you.” I guess the same can be said about the LJPD, and take a lesson from me; that extra second it takes to glance over at your car’s registration sticker to make sure it’s up to date is really worth it.

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