The Fast Makes Me Furious

I recently read about the upcoming release of the fifth installment to the “The Fast and The Furious” franchise  entitled “Fast Five“. Arguably, the “Furious” films are not the greatest movies ever made, but in my opinion they have been, up to this point, pretty entertaining.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the whole franchise however, after I saw some on-set photos of the new film, more specifically with what wasn’t in them; one of Us.

A while back I had read an article about the how Hispanics made up about 46% of the audience (of the ticket-buying audience) for the fourth film which was released last year. Yet it’s clear from the pictures, and info. that the new film will feature no Hispanic main characters. The closest thing will be a pair of Portaricans. ( Not that that’s a bad thing)

I’m not saying I won’t go see the new film, or calling for any kind of a boycott, I’m just saying, since it’s a pretty safe bet that HALF of the new film’s audience will be Hispanic, it would have been nice if they tried to squeeze at least one of us in there. We did after all, practically pay for it to be made.

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One thought on “The Fast Makes Me Furious

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Portoricans are Hispanics. The term Hispanic denotes the culture and people of countries formerly ruled by the Spanish Empire (which includes Puerto Rico), usually with a majority of the population speaking spanish.

    When you say “one of us”, I think you’re referring to a Mexican. Maybe the reason why they have Portoricans in the movie is because it was filmed (in part) in Puerto Rico.

    So, I believe the movie does represent Hispanics but not specifically a Mexican. I guess we can’t always be in every movie where a Hispanic is represented.

    Great blog.

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